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About Us

About Us

FELIX is a rapidly growing company operating since 2009.
Initially, the scope of our activities include advertising and the production and installation of various structures in the ad. The quality and attractive price of our services resulted in a wider range of customers with individual needs, which led us to expand the area of operations.
Due to the increasing complexity of the contract, often deviating from the advertising industry, to our team join specialized technicians and engineers.
Our specialty has become industrial automation, construction and manufacture of machines and special purpose equipment like automation of production, a comprehensive manufacturing and assembly stations as well.
We also have extensive experience in blasting and shot peening. We use modern technologies and materials that provide high quality and durability of effects. In addition, we have been welding and powder coating or wet. We strive to effectively meet the diverse needs of a wide range of our customers. The projects are based on our own ideas accepted by the customer, or on the basis of outsourced documentation. Our engineering staff consists of experienced people with specialist knowledge. We are open to even the most unusual customer problems and provide comprehensive and professional execution of the contract. With extensivetechnical background, we have great opportunities. We are creative, innovative and flexible.
We invite you to cooperation.

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